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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

On paper it was a match made in heaven, get one of the best djs and remixers of the day to remix an already great throbbing piece of progressive house by arguably the greatest dj and remixer of the time, … Continue reading

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Just Because

I really like about 30% of Ryan Adams output and the rest leaves me unmoved. This is one of my favourites Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up

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You Gotta Sin To Get Saved

I’ve spoken here before about how I believe that when Maria McKee was at her best she had one of the most emotional voices around and in Lone Justice’s first album one of the best of 1985 if not the … Continue reading

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The sun still seems to be affecting my choice of tunes at the moment. Today while driving back from Dundee, a city best viewed through the rear view mirror, I had an urge to hear some quality Swedish indie pop … Continue reading

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That’s A Bit Poppy For You

It may be something to do with the sun but I had a hankering to hear this track last night. It sort of popped into my head and would not dislodge itself. So I thought that I would do the … Continue reading

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This Is Magic

I bought this ages ago on a whim as I liked the cover and have just got round to listening to it. Just the thing for this positively tropical Easter Monday. Still don’t know that much about her. The album … Continue reading

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All At Once

My birthday present to myself was a ltd edition vinyl box set of all three Airborne Toxic Event which unfortunately will not be shipped until the 2nd May, however on Friday a surprise popped through the letter box in the … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday And I’ll Post What I Want To

Another year older! Happy St George’s Day English people. The Fall – Ltfe Just Bounces

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Easter Parade

“Hoi, where’s the dance tunes?” I hear at least one of you mutter. Well seeing as it’s Easter, I thought me might have something different this Friday from the usual,  well,  past it’s sell by date Friday feature. Another reason … Continue reading

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Big Deal, I Think They May Be

When I was compiling my tracks of the year in early December, there was a track that I wanted to include by the duo Big Deal but decided not to on the grounds that I had only had the single … Continue reading

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