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Come Go With Me, Again

Today’s post is a re-up, a bit slack, I know but someone asked for this brilliant Gloria Jones track and it would have been churlish for me to ignore the request. I’m back on a soul tip this week, after … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

A bit late but a belter of a tune, nonetheless. Here is the best track and first single from an absolutely outstanding debut album. Life Is Sweet and Exit Planet Dust the album the track comes from were both released … Continue reading

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Get A Fucking Life!

So, here I am sitting in a hotel restaurant in Nottingham and not for the first time cursing the fact that I did not pay attention while I packed my bag. Not only┬áhas┬áthe T-shirt I packed got a couple of … Continue reading

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Lying Awake

Sticking with the British Girl Groups for the moment and here is my favourite of the lot. Lying Awake was originally recorded in the US by Bernice Swanson. In this version Mark Wirtz of “Grocer Jack” fame enlists the help … Continue reading

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Ok, it may not be quite as good as Leader of the Pack but Terry by Twinkle has a charm all of it’s own. Right at the start of one of my favourite books, Fuel Injected Dreams, the dj and … Continue reading

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Haunted Dancehall

We haven’t had anything from Lord Sabre here for quite some time. In 1995 the Sabres of Paradise released a series of records, one on 12″, one 10″ and a single sided 7″ single where various luminaries of the dance … Continue reading

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Random Thought

Do you think that when you sell 500,000 downloads they frame a gold piece of paper with a download code on it? It would be a bit disengenous to present a gold disc. Here is a track that probably failed … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

Although all of the decent weather has deserted us up here and left us with the wind and rain, I am trying to keep up the sunny demeanour and remain positive which is quite difficult at the moment what with … Continue reading

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Nothing To Do On Friday Night?

Remember Johnny Reb? I featured them a few months ago and posted the excellent track Nine On The Line. Well they are playing Nice And Sleazy in the town on Friday night with a couple of other bands. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Music Played And People Sang

For along time I was under the mistaken impression that Bang Bang was originally recorded by Nancy Sinatra and it wasn’t until about 1999/2000 with the aid of the internet that I discovered that it was written for Cher by … Continue reading

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