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All The Best, Bob

As you will be aware Bob Dylan is seventy today. I started listening to Dylan in my early teens as a mate of mines father was slightly obsessed with him. I loved a lot of what I heard but some … Continue reading

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My Coco

Stellastarr first caught my attention when they were supporting the Raveonettes at the Wah Wah Hut either in 2003 or 2004. That night they were absolutely amazing but their was something very familiar about the sound. Before the Raveonettes came … Continue reading

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The Boy Wonder Returns

There was reason to rejoice this week at the news that  Roddy Frame will be making a long awaited return north of the border this October. Not only that but he will be touring with a band , for the … Continue reading

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Come Go With Me, Again

Today’s post is a re-up, a bit slack, I know but someone asked for this brilliant Gloria Jones track and it would have been churlish for me to ignore the request. I’m back on a soul tip this week, after … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

A bit late but a belter of a tune, nonetheless. Here is the best track and first single from an absolutely outstanding debut album. Life Is Sweet and Exit Planet Dust the album the track comes from were both released … Continue reading

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Get A Fucking Life!

So, here I am sitting in a hotel restaurant in Nottingham and not for the first time cursing the fact that I did not pay attention while I packed my bag. Not only has the T-shirt I packed got a couple of … Continue reading

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Lying Awake

Sticking with the British Girl Groups for the moment and here is my favourite of the lot. Lying Awake was originally recorded in the US by Bernice Swanson. In this version Mark Wirtz of “Grocer Jack” fame enlists the help … Continue reading

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