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A Bit Of Soul Will Do The Trick

It’s 02:07 on the morning of the 24th of June and have run out of ideas for the mid week post while I’m sunning my self on the beach in Cornwall. If all else fails bung on a bit of … Continue reading

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Covers Week, Day 8?

I know on the last post I said that that was the covers finished but I played this last Thurday night and thought that it should be included. I’ve not really kept up with REM since the early nineties, the … Continue reading

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Covers Week, Day 7

Let’s go full circle and finish with another cover version of a classic Springsteen song which will be equally as frowned upon as the Airborne Toxic Event’s verion of I’m On Fire. The first time I heard Frankie Goes To … Continue reading

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Covers Week, Day 6

The band featured today’s version of another cover version  was responsible for the worst fashion crime I have ever perpetrated.  As a result of Age Of Chance’s performance of Kiss on the Whistle Test in 1987 I decided that it … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance To A Cover Version

I’m sure that I have loads of dance cover versions but my mind has gone blank as I is now in holiday mode. So you will have to make do with a track that was first posted in August 2009. … Continue reading

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Covers Week, Day 4

I don’t know that much about Mechanical Bride, apart from her name is Lauren Doss and she has a knack of producing great cover versions. I have posted before her cover of Rihanna’s brilliant Umbrella which she released in 2007, … Continue reading

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Covers Week Day 3

I never really got into Arab Strap, I know shock horror! I think at the time when they first came out there were too many other things vying for my attention. I don’t think that I consciously didn’t listen to … Continue reading

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Covers Week Day 2

I’ve mentioned before that when I was a teenager and a member of  CND I hung about with a group of older folk who thought that they were hippies what with the patchouli, Italian Army jackets,  taking the legs off … Continue reading

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Covers Week

I know, I know lazy blogging featuring cover versions but I do like a good re-interpretation of a song, even if all it means is a different vocal and the rest of the track virtually sounds the same. As long … Continue reading

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The King At The Control

A brand new release of “lost tracks” from the father of dub is something to look forward to. So when the cd ” King Tubby’s Classics The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs pt 2″ dropped through the letter box yesterday it … Continue reading

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