It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Is anybody becoming bored of this?

I’m just asking as I think that it may be time to think of a new Friday feature the only problem being I can’t think of one. JC suggested just posting “Sturdy Girl” every Friday but I’m sure everybody bar Anon would soon get tired of that.

As I am persisting with flogging the dead horse for the time being. It’s back to 1992 for a bit of Italian House remixed by a Mancunian.

TC1992, were  the same guys as TC 1991, surprise surprise. They were also the FPI Project, responsible for the 1990 remake of Going Back To My Roots. They also recorded under a number of other aliases that I will not bore you with.

Funky Guitar came out in 1992, the clue being in the band’s name, on Union City Recordings. The version posted is the Justin Robertson mix. The man responsible for Lionrock and the Most Excellent label amongst a myriad of other things.

Have a good weekend people.

TC1992 – Funky Guitar (Lion Rock Inna Milanese Stylee)

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26 Responses to It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

  1. Dirk says:

    My plea for the 5 next years : please stop with the losers and the awful ones (in the photos for the “It's Friday … Let's Dance” – series), the girls you chose before looked WAY better, this blog declines. Thank you 😉

  2. swiss adam says:

    I love the phrase 'this blog declines'.

  3. dickvandyke says:

    “Large breasted girls in tight tees” is a reasonable concept.

    However, other ideas off the top of me 'ead…

    How about: ..

    “This band declines” – Groups /artistes that overstayed their welcome – perhaps kicking the arse out of their once fine fresh talent.

    “Attractive in a Barbra Streisand sorta way”. – A series featuring sexy women in music; yet not in the obvious and traditional sense.

    “Songs every 18 year old should know”. – As we age (without dignity) and perhaps take some older songs for granted, how about passing some of it on to the yoof of today?

    “Humble Pie” – Times they/we got it hopelessly wrong about music / singers / bands.

    “Songs about the futility of War”. – As we approach 11 am on 11/11/11.


  4. drew says:

    Good ideas Dickie.

    I always post something on 11/11 but aa series could be quite good.

  5. Dirk says:

    “Attractive in a Barbra Streisand sorta way”, dearest Dick, is a contradiction in terms, if you ask me.

    I do see what you mean though.

    But: what has 11/11 to do with war? Is this – again – something only Englishmen can understand?

    Here in Germany (at least in my region) on 11/11 at 11:11 hours the carneval season starts and, believe it or not, from the early morning on you'll see loads of more or less drunk “large breasted girls in tight tees” on the streets everywhere! This noble tradition, to my great dismay, declines these days though!

  6. dickvandyke says:

    My dear Dirk. 'Sexy Barbra' may be seen as an oxymoron I grant you. But (as we say in the UK), 'one man's meat is another man's shapely big nose'. Re-visit some of the soft focus pictures of her after a stein or 2 and you'll see what I mean.

    As for 11/11. Well, ahem, thanks for shaking me from my British-centred point of view. It's fascinating to learn about other countries and their differing 'noble traditions'.

    This link helps further explain the world's differing takes.

    Lots of Love



  7. davyh says:

    May I suggest 'The Sturdy Hour' – a weekly celebration of robustly-built young ladies and robust tuneage? You're welcome.

  8. swiss adam says:

    I vote for The Sturdy Hour. Or If It's Friday, It Must be Sturdy. Anything Sturdy related really. The sturdy thing hasn't been milked enough… (ahem)

  9. drew says:

    now, now SA no more red wine for you tonight me thinks.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. anto says:

    i note the thing down the side states you have played the Sandals we wanna live. i strongly urge your posting of this please. a friday classic no doubt

  12. dickvandyke says:

    Blimey, it's all goin on here tonight.
    Drew provides countless volumes of witty informative prose over a period of years, coupled with bright intelligent music – and what does it all boil down to?
    A cider-drinking well-stacked Jezebel.

  13. swiss adam says:

    ANONYMOUS is worth every penny though

  14. anto says:

    further to my earlier comment Drew what in the fuck had you listening to Rhianna singing Redemp Song?

    Anons keeness is a thing to behold. Sturdish (a better moniker surely) drinks a brand of cider which is very popular with the wino communitee here in dublin. would love to see the reaction to herself in the snap guzzlin down the good stuff. and the cider too (yay!)

  15. drew says:

    losers in the photos, Dirk, that is what we all used to look like after a night out!

    I think that we should all pull together and start a new blog called . . . This Blog Continues to Decline!

    Anybody up for it?

  16. swiss adam says:

    Count me in. A blog celebrating decline.

  17. drew says:

    Bloody hell. I really need to read the comments.

    But we need to get something straight, Olde English that sturdy girl drinks is not cider, it's worse than that it's malt liquor, however I don't think we should jump to conclusions over the girl's virtue easy or otherwise just on the size of her chest and her choice of tipple! For all you know she may be a devout christian who is a member of that weird wait til we get married sect in the USA.

  18. dickvandyke says:

    That JC is a poor influence.

    So erm, just to rewind 18 hours, will 'It's Friday .. Let's Dance' continue in it's present format?

    Just no more random pics of euphoric, tanned folk waving cheese sticks, but more virginal singing nuns singing 'Papa, Can You Hear Me?'

  19. Dirk says:


    I have now amended the title/header of SEXYLOSER accordingly, please have a look at the page and let me know whether it meets with your approval …. and feel free to join the club:

    Any further suggestions are of course welcome!

  20. drew says:

    Brilliant Dirk!

    I took the precaution of registering the blog last night

    Now all we need is really bad posts to fill it with

  21. swiss adam says:

    Dirk- that is the best thing I've seen. Still laughing now.

  22. acidted says:

    ummm… carry on the Friday series.

    And did you know there's a Sturdy Girl Cycling Club

  23. Dirk says:

    Brilliant Drew!!

    Of course I immediately registered myself as a follower, now how can I post something there?

  24. drew says:

    Dirk – I will post you the pw and feel free to help design it

  25. jimdoes says:

    maybe you can start the new blog with some stone roses…

    after all the recent news shows music in a state of decline if anything does…

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