I have been reliably informed that 2 Bears are Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and Raf Rundell. They have produced a few 12″ singles for Southern Fried, however this absolute belter of a track is released on Bitches Brew and has been remixed by Darkstarr Diskotek (Ashley Beedle & Collen Murphy) into a gospel and afrobeat tinged balearic classic.

But why the hell wasn’t this released during the summer, not now when the sun and heat are just a distant memory?

  2 Bears Church DarkStarr Remix by DarkStarr

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3 Responses to Church

  1. Swiss Adam says:

    I like this but that Hot Chip man's vocals always annoy me

  2. drew says:

    I also wish that the vocal had been dropped SA

  3. stevoid says:

    There's a superb remix of this track done by Midland which dispenses with most of the vocals and is all the better for it.

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