Friday Night Pass

It is nearly as rare as meeting a fellow blogger down in the smoke for a few pints and sorting out the whole of pop music but it has happened, me and my mate have finally been able to obtain Friday night passes at the same time.

In honour of the occasion it has been necessary to move Sturdy Girl from the sidelines to her rightful place on a Friday night.

Sorry that the tune has been used before, but I have surprisingly  few beer related songs on my hard drive. I do have a good one I am keeping under wraps for late next month.

N.W.A. – 8 Ball

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11 Responses to Friday Night Pass

  1. dickvandyke says:

    Hurraaaah! Rah rah rah! Bish bash bosh! Paaarty time!

    Go get 'em boys.

    (But please don't forget to don a heavy (and perhaps) waterproof jacket).

  2. drew says:

    Fishtail is out airing as we speak DVD.

  3. dickvandyke says:

    And is that 'Old Spice' I can smell? You little tinker.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. davyh says:

    Aye, cheers to yous both

  6. dickvandyke says:

    Looks like anon has been typing with the boxing gloves on again. Or perhaps has a 'sticky keyboard'.

    Sturdy Girl has such a lovely … turned up nose.

    And she'll be a martyr to her lumbar region when she's older – you mark my words.

  7. Swiss Adam says:

    2 pints of sturdy please barman

  8. davyh says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Swiss Adam says:

    What did you change your mind about Davy?

  10. davyh says:

    sshh, you ain't seen me.

  11. Dirk says:

    My life is complete!!

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