It’s The Friday Before Christmas . . . Let’s Dance

We’ll that’s that then. The closure of the Edinburgh office, a bit ironic that on Radio 4 last night there was a programme detailing how Scotland was leading the way with clinical trials in the UK and today the last presence by a Pharma Company in Scotland closes their Research office and not with a bang but with a miserable, barely discernible fart. I am, to say the least at a bit of a low ebb.

But enough of my woes it’s the Friday before Christmas and by this time BC I would already be showered, dressed and down the local having the first of many and embarking upon a night which would inevitably end with a few jigs and then a kebab on the way home. Whereas tonight I will be fretting over Christmas lunch and trying to make Delia’s “Famous Chocolate Torte”. How times have changed.

No serious dub step or progressive house tonight just the sampletastic delights of the KLF and their guest, the daughter of Sissie Houston.

Have a great weekend people

The JAMS – Whitney Houston Joins The Jams

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22 Responses to It’s The Friday Before Christmas . . . Let’s Dance

  1. Swiss Adam says:

    You look like you're having a good time in the picture though.

  2. Simon says:

    Happy Christmas fella to you and yours, cheers for all the blogging over the year!

    Have a good un!

  3. davyh says:

    Feeling a little bittersweet myself. Hoping Aretha will help me pull together at mine. Merry Christmas baby x

  4. davyh says:

    Are there any Star Wars-themed prezzies this year?

  5. drew says:

    Action Man, vintage sourced from ebay

  6. Swiss Adam says:

    One big regret of mine is not still owning my Action Man sailor from my childhood- big black fuzzy beard, bell bottoms, gripping hands. He was ace.

  7. drew says:

    Be careful what you wish for SA. This all started with me finding a couple of my Action Men up the loft at my folks place. The next thing Max was on you-tube checking out the old Action Men ads and then the wants list started. Do you know how much a decent condition German Stormtrooper goes for on ebay?If I had keptt all of mine I could be quite well off now, well if Max had no interest.

  8. drew says:

    Merry Christmas all of yours Simon. I bet you have a great day or are you taxi driver for the in-laws this year again?

  9. Swiss Adam says:

    I had a German Camp Commandant uniform (for the action man I hasten to add). Can't quite believe they actually sold that kind of thing. Guess it was for a POW camp rather than a death camp.

  10. drew says:

    I had the Escape From Colditz kit, where you had the German and British uniforms a sentry box and guard dog!

  11. Swiss Adam says:

    Must be what I had- I've still got the dog, with a hind leg glued back on.

  12. Simon says:

    I had the Colditz kit, that was great.

    Spending Christmas Eve at home, Christmas morning there with pressie opening and a fry up, then off to the in-laws until the 27th.

    Just spent the week decorating and DIYing, which was not the most relaxing holiday!

  13. davyh says:

    I had the paratrooper. Though once in the school field when I chucked him up high his parachute did not open and his lower arm flung off on impact with the ground, never to be found. He was the blond one, no beard.

    The dark haired one with the beard? He's now in an indie band signed to Song By Toad records. Fact.

  14. drew says:

    This is no word of a lie. I convinced my brother to jump from the bannister holding the action man parachute, he only hurt himself slightly. Guess what he does now? Colour Sergeant, 3 Para Mortars. I feel responsible some times.

  15. drew says:

    i did follow yours and Davy's discussions on Twitter re the DIY, Simon. As someone who once had to butcher wood for a living, it made me chuckle.

  16. Simon says:

    I'm not chuckling when I look at the mess that is the resealed kitchen sink. My wife is giving me that look that says thanks but no thanks.

    Still the decorating was good, better than the father in law, who used to do painting and decorating for a living and is very proud of his decorating abilities. The neatness of my work made my missus forget her OCD for five minutes!

  17. drew says:

    You need to use a pointy wet stick when using mastic.

  18. Swiss Adam says:

    Drew- your story of your brother and the parachute jump is the funniest thing I've read all week.

    While I'm here I also bought with bday money aged 8 or 9 a Black action man, called Tom Stone. My Gran, not very enlightened couldn't understand why I wanted it. When eventually he lost a hand she fitted a white Action man's hand onto him and said 'well, they often have white palms, it looks fine'.

  19. drew says:

    Now Sa that is funny, it shouldn't be but I could imagine my aunt coming out with something like that. I also had Tom Stone. Looked for him on ebay, offers over 110 quid!

  20. Anto says:

    The morning of Xmas 1980 and this was found in the Daly sitting room. I nearly creamed meself.

    That photo of the folks dancing is fuckin hilarious.

    Thanks for all the great music this year.

    Are Organon/S-P/Merck not still doing R & D in Scotland?

  21. acidted says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all.

  22. acidted says:

    oh yeah. And, never had an action man. my father thought they were 'dolls' and therefore totally unsuitable for a boy.

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