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Mobile Phones

What is it about some people that they cannot seem to function unless they’ve got their mobile phone switched on. I’m so sick of being on planes watching people who think that the instructions regarding when to switch on or … Continue reading

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Here is a rather funky piece of cross over soul from 1976 to start off the week. The track was saved from obscurity by Fryer and Ian Wright and released as a 12″ single on their Soul Spectrum label, a … Continue reading

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Allo Darlin’ @ The Captain’s Rest

L and I went to see Allo Darlin’ last Monday, a gig that we were looking forward to as the last time we saw them in the same venue, The Captain’s Rest, they were thoroughly entertaining and a good night … Continue reading

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Today’s track is another one of those “what the fuck is that?” moments that happened quite often in the early 90s. Unfortunately I can’t remember the last time I had one of those, either I’m getting old or nothing is … Continue reading

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When I Woke Up This Morning

Keeping with the retro vibe. Here is a frantic paced piece of Hammond driven Garage Rock from the first album from The Come Ons. The Come Ons – When I Woke Up This Morning

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Proper R&B

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks. Not sure why just never really felt like the right time The first time I heard this I thought that it was an old R&B number that I had never heard … Continue reading

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I’m sure it will be the same for most of the people who read this blog that certain songs transport you back to another time as soon as you hear them and others remind you of places , your bedroom … Continue reading

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No Deposit No Return

After yesterday’s slip into the now, it’s back to safer ground, or is it? I bet that there will be a few purists who will look at today’s choice with disdain. Debbie Taylor has featured here before with a more … Continue reading

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I Think I May Be Losing It

I don’t know where I heard this first but I am slightly disturbed that I love it. It also has Max’s seal of approval. I fear I may be regressing to an eight year old. Hopefully po-faced music snobbery will … Continue reading

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Secret Circuit

Here’s something which I have no idea how to categorise, synth wave?, possibly.  It comes courtesy Tim Sweeney’s  New York label Beats In Space and is the work of Eddie Rushca. The A- side is all analogue synths and sounds … Continue reading

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