Six Figures ep

Here is a wonderful piece of Techno that brings elements of the early Chicago sounds and brings them bang up to date with the dub Techno sounds coming out of Berlin. The ep was first released in 2009 and released a couple of weeks back on a hand stamped, white vinyl white label, Rising Sun edition but still sounds as fresh today as it did nearly three years ago.

The other two tracks on the ep are equally as good.

I really love this kind of stuff.

Levon Vincent – Early Reflections

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4 Responses to Six Figures ep

  1. flycasual says:

    nice, dark, moody and atmospheric. Right up my street. Thanks for the DL

  2. dickvandyke says:

    By eck, you're flying this week drew.

    Stay warm kiddo

  3. drew says:

    It is rather good guys isn't it. I've liked everything I've heard by Levon Vincent.

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