Take Me For A Little While

Evie Sands has featured here before with her sublime version of Anyway That You Want It. Today’s track features her first collaboration with Chip Taylor and first single for New York label, Blue Cat.

It was a recurring feature of Sands’ career that she released great versions of songs which would be subsequently recorded by others who would be far more successful with what are in, not only my opinion inferior versions of the song. In this instance it was Jackie Ross who had the hit with the track, after an employee at the Chess label got their hands on a test pressing rushed Ross into the studio to record the track. The version which is good has nothing on Sands sublime rendition.


Evie Sands – Take Me For A Little While

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2 Responses to Take Me For A Little While

  1. dickvandyke says:

    A bobby dazzler.
    Others are like Luton in comparison.

  2. drew says:

    You're not wrong Dickie.

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