Le Thug

On the road home from Aberdeen yesterday I was thinking about the lack of new music that I was listening to and buying as it seemed that everything that I have been listening to lately was either old soul or new releases by established acts such as the Fuck Buttons, still not sure what I think about the latest offering and a smattering of house and techno twelves.

So last night I was chuffed to fuck when I clicked on Song By Toad and found that Le Thug had released an ep, digital granted but beggars can’t be choosers. If you remember I enthused about their track on Song By Toad’s RSD split 12″ and cd, especially Swam which I still think need a proper release. Not sure what it is about this group that I like more than all the other shoegazey type bands but their is something although I do think that they could up the bpm count a little. One off my mates was less than impressed by them when we discussed the post I had done but there is no accounting for taste.

Anyway I think that you all should go here and buy the digital ep. It really is very good.

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