It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Blogger, last week they sort of forced me into signing up for a Google + account which I instantly disliked as I was no longer billisdead but was me. I tried to get back to my old account but couldn’t.

Last night I tried to log into my Blog but my account had been suspended I feared the worst and the blog had been pulled but apparently my name is not a real name. Fortunately I was able to retrieve my old Blogger account and I am now me again.

Anyway back to the music. I can’t believe that this track is over thirty years old it still sounds as fresh as fuck to these ears.

ESG ( Emerald, Saphire and Gold) was a band formed in the South Bronx by the four Scroggins sisters and their first couple of singles were produced by Martin Hannett, the second of which You’re No Good was actually released on Factory Records.

Today’s track Dance was originally released as the a-side of the group’s third single, ESG Says Dance To The Beat of Moody released in 1982 but re-released in 2004 on a white label 12″ and again on 7″ in 2010.

There will be nothing to see here until next Friday as we are off for rain, tears and tantrums to Machrihanish today for a week.

Have a good weekend people.

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