Things I’ve Seen

My collection is littered by random singles by random acts that I have never followed up especially from the late 90s early 2000s  and most on cd single, a format I only purchased if I really had to. I think that these singles are in my collection mainly due to the fact that Woollies in Lanark had a pretty good bargain bin and as soon as a single went out of top forty then they would be marked down to 99p and chucked in the bargain bin.

The 2000 release Things I’ve Seen I think is an example of this, not a bad tune, a bit too much like the Fugees but still quite good but I can’t imagine I payed full whack for it. As I said above I very rarely paid full price for any cd singles.

Anyway, not a bad song for a Saturday, not a great one but still they can’t all be belters.

Spooks – Things I’ve Seen 

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