It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Just like most of everything that appears on the telly these days, today’s post is a repeat, it’s probably the only way I’m going to sustain flogging this dead horse of a series! This post first appeared on Friday 10th July 2009 when I was still quite fresh to this blogging lark.

Have a good weekend people.

Today’s number comes courtesy of Amsterdam in the early 1990’s.

Get Down Tonight is by Fierce Ruling Diva and is basically a techno track built round a KC and the Sunshine Band sample. The track is tucked away on side c of the double pack 12″ Anarchic Adjustments by the duo.

For the life of me I cannot understand what possessed me to buy this 12″ as after digging it out and listening to it last night, this track is the only redeeming feature on an otherwise piss poor, in my opinion, couple of records. The music is not the sort of thing that I was listening to back then. It is, however, the sort of thing that a lot of people I knew were getting absolutely out of their faces to, this,  a lot of stuff coming out of the Netherlands, music as well as E and the tunes that the Clubscene label up here in Scotland were releasing were very popular in the Central Belt of Scotland and the North East of England.

Fierce Ruling Diva are probably best remembered for the track You Gotta Believe, which I also have in my collection for some reason. I’m not sure that any drugs would ever have been good enough to make me want these singles.

A few years later, I do remember an add for crap American beer using another track built around the same sample.

Fierce Ruling Diva – Get Down Tonight

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