Expanding Your Horizons

Listening to Meursault will not make you a shiny happy person but sometimes it’s quite good to get a bit introspective and moody. Whenever I put something on by them I’m unable to do anything else, I find myself immersed in the music and lyrics. Last year’s Something For The Weakend demands that you drop anything that you are doing and for the duration of the album you sit and listen. It is not an easy listen, Mamie for instance is a heartbreaking song, but heartbreaking in a good way and I find a real sense of loss and sadness about the entire album but it is something that I keep going back to again and again.

When the album first came out Song By Toad Records produced a deluxe package which included the vinyl and cd copies of the album along with a T-shirt, badges lyric book and a further cd of demos of songs from the album all housed in a lovely tote bag. As you know I am a sucker for this kind of thing and duly ordered it.  Last night I was listening to these demos and decided that the version included on the cd of my favourite song from the album needed to be posted  I’m not wonderfully bleak will help sales of the album but that’s how I find Settling and much of the album.

Meursault – Settling (demo)

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