It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Mr Weatherall has been up to loads recently, most of which have been documented at the Bagging Area. This week’s posted remix of the collaboration between Wayne Coyne and Moby being particularly memorable and I am also looking forward to the remix of Come With Me by Jagwar Ma being available on Vinyl. These recent productions are as good as anything he produced during the early nineties when everything he touched sounded wonderful.

The other night I was listening to the recently delivered Asphodells remix album which is another great piece of work by Weatherall in partnership with Tim Fairplay. Listening to this got me thinking of the great Weatherall single from 2009 that never was, Brother Johnston’s Travelling Disco Consultancy. The bearded one had aired the track on a 6mix if I remember correctly and there was great excitement, in this house anyway at the thought of  a vinyl release. Alas this never came to pass, however the track was included on the Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom Volume 2 cd.

A big,  brash, disco for the noughties 9 minute plus extravaganza which will not disappoint.

Have a good weekend people

Andrew Weatherall – Brother Johnston’s Travelling Disco Consultancy 

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