The Dorian Gray Of Post Punk Returns

I am really excited about the fact that Roddy Frame is going to tour High Land Hard Rain in it’s entirety in December, thirty years after it’s first release. I know that a few people including JC have been grumbling at the price of the tickets, from twenty five to fifty pounds a seat, which is a bit much, I opted for the cheap seats. There are very few people that I would pay this kind of money to see, well come to think of it, nobody other than the boy wonder could make me part with over twenty quid.  Frame is different,  I have yet to have left either a solo gig or an Aztec Camera one anything other than elated with a renewed belief in the goodness of humanity ,which soon wears off. In fact if someone had asked me for another twenty quid on leaving last year’s Paisley Abbey gig I would happily have handed over the money.

It has also been confirmed that a remastered version of the album is being produced and if the remastering is anywhere near as good as that on the Clash box set then it will be an essential purchase.

I really cannae wait.

Here’s the last song from High Land Hard Rain recorded at Paisley Abbey

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