It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

It’s the weekend when the amateur drinkers take over the pubs and make life unbearable for the regulars with their lack of pub etiquette and their stupid . I used to hate this weekend when I frequented pubs on a regular basis and even more so when I had to serve these people. The ones who either can’t remember their rounds when they come to the bar or even more annoying think that you are unable of remember or pour more than one at a time. If I had a quid for every time I heard “cheer up it’s Christmas” I would have been able to get extremely drunk for the duration of the festering period.

So if you are going out over the weekend remember two things. the person serving you is not an inept fuckwit, unless you are in a Wetherspoons where they probably are and also if you intend to stay in the same pub buy the bar person a drink when you order your first round that way you will always get served quickly on your return.

I was trying to find a reasonably festive dance track but I don’t seem to have one, so here is a good bit of uplifting house from back in 1993.

Have a good weekend people and steer clear of the amateur drinkers!

Staxx – Joy

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