Leave My House

Leave My House

Here is a cracker of a garage band sound, from 1966.  All fuzz guitar and up front vocals. The singer sounds really pissed off with his girlfriend waking him up in the middle of the night. I don’t think that the guy is a morning person somehow. The band were a big hit around Missouri and N.E. Arkansas according to one website. The band recorded an album’s worth of material of which only this single remains. Apparently there is reel to reelrecording with a different mix of the song where you can actually hear the drums, bass and second guitar but as yet I haven’t been able to get a copy. So you will just have to content yourself with the single version, which is another repress as the original fetches upwards of twelve hunderd quid! It’s good but not that good.

I’m off to Belfast for a couple of days.

The Modds – Leave My House

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