Leo Is Also Five

Leo is five today. About nine months ago he told me that he wanted to be called Sandy and for a couple of minutes I was perplexed as to where that had come from.  We didn’t know anybody called Sandy and nobody from “Fire Sam” or Star Wars went by that moniker. It was Max who eventually shed light on who Sandy was ” that guy in the shorts, who shouts and swears at everybody in the Wild Geese, that’s who he is talking about dad”. It all fell into place.

Why was a four year old allowed to watch a film about mercenaries in Africa I hear you cry. I can only hold up my hands and admit to bad parenting. We had it on DVD, one of those free things from some paper that my dad had bought,  Max had watched and brought home and which Leo had taken a shine to. So much so that one evening I heard him singing the theme song while playing with action men. I further encouraged this by seeking out the single on ebay and purchasing it for him. So along with “Too Much Apple Pie”, The Flight Of The Wild Geese is one of  his favourite records.

And for the record,  he also loves Where Eagles Dare, I blame his grandpa, or “my Andy” as Leo refers to him. This caused much searching for my Geoff Love And His Orchestra’s Big War Movie Themes album I bought from a charity shop a long time ago, thinking that it would be a laugh to drop The Dam Busters theme half way through the night in the pub,

Happy Birthday son.

Joan Armatrading – The Flight Of The Wild Geese

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