Bring It On Home To Me

The Sam Cook penned  Bring It On Home To Me must be in my top hundred songs of all time but not the Cook version but the version by Ted Hawkins. L has been known to give it laldy after a couple of shandies on occasion usually followed by The Wild Rover to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky then it usually descends into songs about heather and bonnie braes at which point I tend to either zone out or leave the room.

Last Saturday night I was listening to It’s Too Late To Stop Now, the first track on the third side is Van Morrison’s rendition of the song which I had sort of forgotten about, I played it four times on the bounce before listening to the rest of the album which is up there with the best live albums ever released. I think that on the recordings that make up this double album Morrison has been captured at the peak of his powers. It is scary to think that it was forty one years ago . If you have never heard this album go out and buy it. If you have any interest in Van Morrison at all you will love it, it’s difficult to pick out favourite tracks as the whole thing is wonderful put if I was pushed I would have to include the afore mentioned  Sam Cook cover, Saint Dominic’s Preview and the sublime Cyprus Avenue.

I think at the moment I prefer the Northern Irishman’s take on Bring It On Home To Me but I do have a lot of memories that could be soundtracked with the Ted Hawkins version.

Grumpy Irishman – Bring It On Home To Me (Live)

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