Harking Back To a Bygone Age

The third single from the second album of  the major label “indie act” Noisettes is the only thing that I own by the band the other stuff that I have heard by the band I liked well enough but not enough to actually purchase. It was inevitable that a band with a name like Noisettes would pique my interest. In fact when I first heard anything by them I was rather disappointed as it didn’t have the retro 60s girl group vibe that I thought was implied by the moniker.

Never Forget You certainly rectified the situation as it has a very retro feel about it which of course I lapped up more than enough to want to buy, unfortunately it wasn’t released as a single (vinyl), well not in the UK anyway and then as now I was loathed to buy a download but I eventually gave in and purchased it.

About 18 months ago I found out that the song had been released as a 7″ single on the other side of the pond and then the search was on to get a copy not that difficult as it turned out and at that time the postage costs from the States were a lot more reasonable than they are now, and so the single was bought, subsequently arrived, got played a lot for about a month then filed and forgotten about. That was until the start of this year when I dug it out gave it a spin and it has been on the turntable probably a dozen times a week since then. The other week Max stuck his head round the door when it was playing and said “catchy”, so I think that it comes with his seal of approval.

Noisettes – Never Forget You

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