My Middle Name Is Misery

I have been listening to the 68 Comeback Special discs a lot recently. It must have been quite amazing at the time when this was broadcast to see a man that most people thought was washed up by nearly a decade of starring in pish films and whose relevance had never been lower pull off probably the greatest comeback since Lazarus. You get the feeling from the recording that Elvis was having a ball during the four onee hour performances.

It is easy to sneer at Elvis but when you listen to this, the recordings before he went into the army and the From Elvis In Memphis recordings you kind of appreciate him as an artist. Although for somebody of my generation let alone those younger it is nigh on impossible to comprehend just how dangerous and exciting this guy was in the 50s.

Btw – Time to rejoice I am in my favourite town in the world today, fucking Luton!

Elvis – Trouble/Guitar Man

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