Rank Outsiders

Ever since SA’s post last Friday on the tracks available on Souncloud for the much anticipated but sadly never to be released second One Dove long player I have been flogging the back catalogue to death from the original and best version of Fallen, Darkest Hour when they were still called Dove, the debut album, Morning Dove White and the myriad of remixes of the five singles released.

I was puzzled by SA’s comment that the album was “flawed” as at the time I thought  it to be just about perfect. I haven’t played the vinyl through very often over the past few years and so thought that I would do so in order to find out if I have a rose tinted view of it as at the time any release by Dot and the guys was more than welcome. So over the past week I have played the lp more than a couple of times and I come to the same conclusion, that it was one of the very best albums released in 1993 along with Live 93 from The Orb.

Anyway, when trawling through all of the various mixes of things I found a mix of Why Don’t You Take Me the final single and an absolutely lovely song which still gives me goosebumps when Dot sings the initial “oh baby”, it has such a forlorn feeling and therefore quite a final statement from the band. The Rank Outsiders mix by Stephen Hague turns it into more of an ambient post clubbing thing with a wicked bassline that arrives about two minutes in. I think that I still prefer the album version, however this did come as a welcome surprise but not sure of the purpose of the hidden track tagged onto the end of it.

When talking of One Dove, I would like to draw your attention to the new ep by Scottish three piece Le Thug who I have banged on about before. I get the same sort of feeling when I listen to Clio’s vocals that I do when hearing Dot’s and therefore in my mind at least they remind me of One Dove. Anyway you can download the ep free from here but please give them a couple of quid and then maybe they will be able to release something on vinyl which I am eagerly waiting for.

One Dove – Why Don’t You Take Me (Rank Outsiders mix)

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