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Just Because

this is bloody brilliant. It’s kinda easy to take Billy Bragg for granted, he’s always popping up somewhere with an opinion or two to espouse which is always interesting and sometimes wide of the mark, voting LibDem, doh! You sometimes … Continue reading

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Just Because

For about  two and a half minutes last night I was 16 again and everything was possible. Thanks Billy. Billy Bragg – To Have And To Have Not (Live)

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Cold And Bitter Tears

I didn’t expect to be in the position of doing a post this evening. I should be on my way to the Arches in Glasgow to see the big nosed bastard from Barking. However Billy, like my concert going buddy … Continue reading

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Vive La France and Fuck Murdoch

I feel a rant or two coming on. Firstly, I was all set to rant about Sleazyjet and how more times than not they are delayed and give some half arsed excuse and that is it. The reason for the … Continue reading

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Use Your Vote!

If you are reading this in the UK , like me you are probably totally switched off by politics and have very little trust in the politicians at Westminster. No matter how hacked off I am at the moment with … Continue reading

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It Was Thirty Years Ago Today !

It was thirty years ago today that the general election campaign that ushered in possibly the most devise decade of the 20 century in Britain started in earnest. In just over 3 weeks Margaret Hilda Roberts would walk through the … Continue reading

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Mixing Pop and Politics

The mid to late 80’s were a good time if you were an earnest young man with lofty ideals and a rudimentary knowledge of politics and class struggle. Not so good if you were a miner, shipyard employee, steel worker … Continue reading

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