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Definitely The Last

I love Alex Harvey but strangely this is the first time he has appeard here. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – There’s No Lights On The Christmas Tree Mama, They’re Burning Big Louie Corrrect link now in place 

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A Reference To Beer On A Friday Can Mean Only One Thing

This is to keep Anon happy he has been rather quiet of late and well it is Christmas after all. It is also an excuse for me to post one of the best titled songs I have come across. The … Continue reading

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Last One I Promise . . . Well Mebbie

This will be the last christmas track, well unlesss I have an urge to post something else. I eventually got a copy of this on 7″ single earlier this year while digging through the boxes on the floor in Head … Continue reading

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Anothor Bloody Christmas Song Drew?

I had a successful day yesterday on the Byres Road and Gt Western Road. Suffice to say all presents are now bought and I also managed to get a few things in my favourite second hand record shop for good … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all and thanks to everyone who has dropped by either to read and comment on the nonsense on here or just download the tracks, this past year. Hope you all have as good a day as … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas, Let’s Be Ironic!

I fucking hate indie fucking versions of Christmas songs but what’s even worse is the original tracks, with titles like Fuck Of Santa  or Christmas in The Student’s Union or equally pish titled nonsense. I hate the let’s be ironic … Continue reading

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Drew’s Concession to Christmas Songs

Contrary to popular belief at my work and amongst my friends I’m not against Christmas songs, I love the Phil Spector Christmas Album, and yes the man is a lunatic and murderer but still produced some amazing music, I’m not … Continue reading

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