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Tears comes from th Brain Freeze Breaks album, a collection of the tracks used on DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s Brainfreeze mix cd. Those of you familiar with the work of Josh Davis will instantly recognise the riff as Shadow … Continue reading

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The Outsider

I’ve had to reappraise this album recently. When I first heard it, I thought that it was ok, not being what I was expecting from Josh Davies. I played it a couple of times and duly forgot about it. However, … Continue reading

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Milkshake Donor

Haven’t really posted that many mash up’s here but this is one that I love. I wanted to post Kelis’ Caught Out There yesterday,  just for the ‘I hate you so much right now’ refrain, for obvious reasons but realised … Continue reading

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From This Day On

I was first introduced to the song posted today when it was used in Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow’s live mix of exclusively 7 inch singles, Brainfreeze.  Being a lover of all things Shadow I searched for the cd everywhere, … Continue reading

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I have avidly collected the works of Josh Davis since the first time I heard In Flux which was also my introduction to Mo Wax, James Lavelle and the whole headz culture which I eagerly embraced. There is something about … Continue reading

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Beat Mining With The Vinyl Hoover

I was listening to this programme on Radio 4 on Monday when I picked up M from school but due to having other things on my mind at the time I wasn’t really listening. I listened again last night and … Continue reading

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