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The question is what’s going *in* Mr. Peterson. A beer please, Woody

Not so much a what your drinking tonight as to where. I used to love Cheers wouldn’t go out on a Friday night until it was finished. We used to have a local that we all thought was a bit … Continue reading

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I’m Back On It

I fell off the wagon in spectacular form last night and feel as if Keith Moon is drumming inside my head this afternoon. The combination of this and this is not one I would recommend if you want to have … Continue reading

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Tonight I Will Mostly Be Drinking . . . Beer

If you live in the UK and can get your hands on some Brew Dog beer, you really should give it a go. I can recomend the Punk I.P.A., Trashy Blonde and the 5a.m. Saint which really is the dogs … Continue reading

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