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Last One I Promise . . . Well Mebbie

This will be the last christmas track, well unlesss I have an urge to post something else. I eventually got a copy of this on 7″ single earlier this year while digging through the boxes on the floor in Head … Continue reading

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Smiles In The Sunshine And Tears In The Rain

Right! we’re off for part three of our summer vacances. This time a bit closer to home, Machrihanish,  probably less than a hundred miles as the crowflies but 169 miles and four and a half hours by road and we … Continue reading

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This is the track I wanted to post on Sunday but the lyrics didn’t exactly fit with wishing newly weds all the best for the future. When you see Frightened Rabbit live, this is always a highlight, usually the first … Continue reading

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Our Lips Are Sealed

Swiss Adam posted The Fun Boy Three last night and as soon as I saw the post this song popped into my mind not the superior Fun Boy Three version but this rather anaemic version by the Go-Go’s. The song … Continue reading

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Am I Really Such A Sadsack? Part One

I stopped by Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop, where londonlee has posted a scene from one of my favourite films of my youth, Diner. In the scene, Shrevie is trying to explain, albeit rather scarily the merits … Continue reading

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A Live Review Of Sorts.

I don’t do concert reviews as I tend to spend my time just enjoying gigs as opposed to getting the set order correct and being in review mode, however Tart has asked me to report back on her 2 favorite … Continue reading

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Finally I May Get To See Meursault Live

Tonight I’m off to see Frightened Rabbit as part of the music bit of the Festival but I’m more excited about finally getting to see Meursault, well I may get to see them. My boss decided to arrange the team … Continue reading

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2 Gigs, One Day

Today myself and the better half are taking in not one gig but two. At 4pm we will be at the Captain’s Rest to see Frightened Rabbit, I have been so looking forward to this, you would think that it … Continue reading

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Happy Days!

I have been finding it difficult to keep up this positive attitude as the week has progressed. Being incapable of not listening to the news or reading the Guardian has not helped. However yesterday I did find a reason to … Continue reading

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