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Keeping It Peel Day 2011

Last year for Keeping It Peel Day you may recall that I did a run down of my Top Ten Peel session tracks ever. This year what with one thing and another I have not had the time to do … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 1

Well here it is, my favourite session track ever from the John Peel show.  Another one of those “what the fuck” moments and not just from me I think,  as it was also the most requested session for repeat. I … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 2

If there is one band that is synonomous with the Peel sessions then it has to be The “mighty” Fall. As I have mentioned previously this is where MES and the gruppe shine brightest.  Whether showcasing new material or much … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 3

As I’ve said before the first time I heard the cacophony that was the early Jesus And Mary Chain sound it was one of those “what the fuck is that ” moments. I would love to be able to say … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Keep On Keeping It Peel, Number 4

By the end of the 1980’s more and more Peel sessions were from solo artist or duos who had thrown away their guitars and amps and replaced them with sequencers, decks and drum machines. With acts such as A Guy … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 5

When a lot of people think of the Peel sessions what initially springs to mind are punk, post punk and indie bands. I know that this is a sweeping generalisation but whenever I mention the Peel sessions to people of … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 6

Stiff Little Fingers have always been my favourite punk band, I will still play Inflammable Material and Nobody’s Heroes on a regular basis. I still find the rawness of the first album quite exhilarating and tracks such as Barbed Wire … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 7

Today’s choice in my Peel session is by “the boy Gedge”, another favourite of Peel’s who recorded 22 sessions, combining The Wedding Present and Cinerama appearances. The amount of sessions meant that I was spoilt for choice when it came … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 8

Today it is the fourth best band in Hull’s turn to shine in their first session from Maida Vale. I was always a big fan of the Housemartins. I loved the way that they incorporated left wing political views in … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 9

I am slightly embarrassed to say that number nine in the countdown sees the appearance of the only female in the top ten. This troubled me when I was compiling this list but unless I wanted to start putting quotas … Continue reading

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