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"What do you expect us to do, go and make a jungle record?"

“Nothing justifies the track—it was a pile of shit but it did serve as a reminder why we should never go back in the studio again—’cos we knew we were past it . . . ” Is how Bill Drummond … Continue reading

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Soothing Sounds For A Sunday

There are certain cds that I ask myself, why did I buy this on cd rather than vinyl, today’s track comes from a case in point. The White Room was released in 1991 and most of the other stuff from … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Today’s track comes courtesy of my latest haul from Oxfam music on Byres Road. Somebody had obviously got sick and tired of the sounds of Mu as there was a job lot of mint KLF twelves all going for a … Continue reading

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What Special Relationship?

Is it not about time that we stopped caring about what the good old US of A thinks about us and just get on with being the UK and part of Europe? As the only Royle that matters, Jim, would … Continue reading

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