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Gig of The Year

It was quite a funny year gig wise. Didn’t go to nearly as many as I have done in the previous few years. This was partially due to the fact that all the gigs I did want to go to … Continue reading

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Best Glastonbury Performance Ever

Only one man would turn down Mick Jones’ amp. Sheer Brilliance

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Von Sudenfed

Yesterday we had a track by god today the track features the person whom my wife thinks could possibly be auld Nick, himself. It’s been too long since the dulcet tones of MES have been heard round these parts. Today’s … Continue reading

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No One Said It Was Gonna Be Easy

It’s been a while since we heard the dulcet tones of Mark Edward Smith on this blog. Time to rectify that state of affairs, I think. Here he is on blistering form in collaboration with Inspiral Carpets. This was released … Continue reading

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Snooker Loopy

Who else but the genuis that is Mark E Smith would write a song about snooker? Chas n who? Not very interesting fact – Eminem sampled Chas n Dave on My Name Is. It’s amazing what you can learn from … Continue reading

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Welcome! Living Leg-end

It was inevitable, I have tried to resist but have succumbed to posting about my favourite band, the band or rather lead singer, gang master, team manager, whatever who makes my wife’s blood boil and my friends all shake their … Continue reading

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