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Friday Night Pass

It is nearly as rare as meeting a fellow blogger down in the smoke for a few pints and sorting out the whole of pop music but it has happened, me and my mate have finally been able to obtain … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel Day 2011

Last year for Keeping It Peel Day you may recall that I did a run down of my Top Ten Peel session tracks ever. This year what with one thing and another I have not had the time to do … Continue reading

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Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers

Last week when I said that that would be an end to Friday alcohol post I lied. This came on the mp3 player on Wednesday when I was waiting for the stupid o’clock flight to Luton and it fair cheered … Continue reading

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When Two Tribes Kind Of Co-exist

This post is inspired by a comment DVD made last night on The Ghost of Electricity and a review I read yesterday in the Guardian. When I  was a youngster I was quite a confused individual, I initially didn’t realise … Continue reading

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