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Random Thought

Do you think that when you sell 500,000 downloads they frame a gold piece of paper with a download code on it? It would be a bit disengenous to present a gold disc. Here is a track that probably failed … Continue reading

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Silence Is Golden . . . Pish!

I was in Nottingham today for work, well I went down last night but decided instead of getting the flight back up this evening and having to endure the madness that would have ensued trying to find a road home … Continue reading

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Am I Really Such A Sadsack? Part Two

Back to Shrevie’s rant in Diner. When he starts to tell Beth that the records need to be filed in alphabetical order and according to genre, I have to whole heartedly agree but there are conditions in my sad little … Continue reading

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Am I Really Such A Sadsack? Part One

I stopped by Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop, where londonlee has posted a scene from one of my favourite films of my youth, Diner. In the scene, Shrevie is trying to explain, albeit rather scarily the merits … Continue reading

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