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Love and Desire

Here is one of my favourite female sung northern tracks. Patrice’s sister Brenda is probably better known but this 1966, Capitol release is as good as anything Brenda recorded, well everything apart from Think It Over (Before You Break My … Continue reading

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The Flirtations

I’m hoping that now I’m back at work and the bloody paiting is completed I might find some time to actually post something on here. It is becoming a bit of habit posting some soul on a Monday. I can’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Him Hurt You

Today’s track comes from possibly the most collectable label for Northern Soul Connoisseurs but not one of my favourite labels. I’m not sure that the reason that singles from the label are in such demand hasn’t more to do with … Continue reading

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I’m The One Who Loves You

I can’t think of a better way of starting the week than hearing some sweet soul music. Darrell Banks is best known in northern circles for Open the Door To Your Heart, one of my favourite northern tracks ever.This track … Continue reading

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No Deposit No Return

After yesterday’s slip into the now, it’s back to safer ground, or is it? I bet that there will be a few purists who will look at today’s choice with disdain. Debbie Taylor has featured here before with a more … Continue reading

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Plagiarism or Downright Theft?

I must have played this song dozens of times but it wasn’t until Saturday Night and the aid of a couple of Tanquerays that I realised just what a debt Eddie Wilson owed to Burt Bacharach and Bob Hillard’s Any … Continue reading

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Love Slipped Through My Fingers

There are two versions of this track out there, there is the version by Sam Williams which is very, very good and then there is the Ohio Players version which is amazing and what makes this the one for me … Continue reading

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Don’t You Worry Baby

Here’s a track which, when I was a teenager I would never have described as Northern Soul. Since then I like to think that I have grown up, (possibly) become less blinkered¬† and realised that all that nonsense about the … Continue reading

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Carla Thomas

I just can’t get away from the soul at the moment. I’ve been looking at all of these “Ones To Watch for 2012” lists and absolutely nothing is floating my boat. So Here is number 405 of the Top 500 … Continue reading

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A Good Thing Going

When I was first getting into Northern Soul all those years ago, it wasn’t easy getting a hold of the tracks as nobody I knew had any collections to speak of. The only way to get a hold of these … Continue reading

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