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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

Here’s a track from probably my favourite band from the early nineties. It was a real bloody shame that they only released one album but what an album Morning Dove White was. Even now after nearly twenty years of listening … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

When I read in either Mixmag or Update early in 1992 that my favourite DJ and remixer was remixing my favourite track of the previous year I couldn’t wait to hear the results. Bit when I eventually got my hands … Continue reading

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Car and Near Nervous Breakdowns

It all started off so well, the car was loaded early in the morning,  although the addition of a top box to my beloved Saab was offending my eye and forcing me to realise that I am a middle aged … Continue reading

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I’m Stunned and Saddened

I often wondered where Ctel would go once he finished his trawl through the ABC of dance music but I never for one moment thought that he would rap it. So I’m stunned today. I suppose it is better to … Continue reading

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Just the thing for a Sunday. Another slice of One Dove, this time the forth track released as a single from the Morning Dove White album. If you don’t own this album, why not?. It can be picked up from … Continue reading

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Touched By The Hand Of God III

Andy Weatherall was at his peak, in my opinion in the early 90’s, producing the best parts of Screamadelica, Sabres of Paradise label/band and some truly inspired remixes, in fact too many to list here. When I heard back in … Continue reading

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