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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

I thought since this week Orbital released there first album in eight years it was as good a time as any and look back at where it all started for probably the finest live techno act ever. I have always … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

A few weeks ago I mentioned for me anyway, the long player really didn’t work for dance music that it wasn’t designed for listening to 10 -14 tracks in a row by the same artist and that I tended to … Continue reading

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I’ve never understood the appeal of Glastonbury. Why would you want to fork out a fortune to spend a weekend, filthy, under canvas and see some bands, some of whom formed this century, from half a mile away do half … Continue reading

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Dad, Sure Them Cidermen Aren’t Real?

A great day was had by all but alas no Rose Tyler. M was particularly scared of the Daleks but was happy that he got to see his favorites, the Sontaran. I don’t think that it was the full exhibition … Continue reading

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A Break In Transmission

There will be no opinionated rubbish spouted from me for the next few days as I’m off across the water with work for one of my frequent visits to Belfast. Normal service will resume on Friday. Until then the finest … Continue reading

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