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When I Was Young

On Sunday when I was lying on the bed feeling sorry for myself and shaking like a battery hen due to self induced alcoholic poisoning from the previous evening,  you would think that I would know better by now I … Continue reading

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Never Too Late

M went back to school on Monday, it has been a quick 6 and a half weeks. He got up a little less quickly than he has over the past few weeks and was a bit hesitant about getting the … Continue reading

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Our Lips Are Sealed

Swiss Adam posted The Fun Boy Three last night and as soon as I saw the post this song popped into my mind not the superior Fun Boy Three version but this rather anaemic version by the Go-Go’s. The song … Continue reading

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Nothing to Say Really

I hate the first week back after the holidays, I’ve only been back two days and already I am thinking about the September weekend. On holiday I got the chance to read a few books due to the unbearable heat … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

I’ve had a weird old week. What with being down in London at a conference and wandering round the Dome for two days. My hotel was at the opposite end of Westminster Bridge from the Houses of Parliament and on … Continue reading

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Bloody Snow

The weather up here is getting on my nerves now. I thought that by the time I would be going back to work all this white stuff would have disappeared. But it doesn’t look as if it’s going to thaw … Continue reading

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