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Crazy, Mibbies Aye, Mibbies Naw!

I haven’t mentioned the elections for the Scottish Parliament before as I haven’t wanted to bore people to death and if you aren’t from this part of the world it is totally irrelevant to you anyway but I am going … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget

If you are anything like me, you already know who you are going to vote for, so my trying to influence your vote is pointless. All I will say is, remember what the 80’s were like and if you’re not … Continue reading

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Choice, What Choice?

This week,  depending on which colour of rosette you favour, may be something you have been waiting for since 1997 or may fill you with dread as you can hear that shrill, heartless voice of the so called Iron Lady … Continue reading

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Possibly the finest anti-Thatcher song ever.

If there is one thing I hate with all my being it is Margaret Thatcher and I make no apologies for this, the sight of her can induce apoplexy in me and when I here her voice I feel physically … Continue reading

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Soulcialism For The Masses

As another week of meetings, talk of EPS & End of Year results and other such corporate bullshit looms, how about a bit of angry yet soulful mid 80’s idealism to put it all into perspective. Well at least we’re … Continue reading

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