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It’s Friday . . . Let’s Dance

A lot later than normal. Not had a chance to think about this but this was what I was listening to when I thought that my time had come yesterday while flying on the orange airline from Glasgow to Belfast. … Continue reading

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Disappointed, I Think So.

Well in the end I did succumb and the box set arrived yesterday and I am feeling a bit ambivalent towards it. On the one hand it is a lovely box, all red and round, a bit like the celebrations … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Feel So Lonely

I sort of lost interest in Primal Scream after the Vanishing Point album. I still bought the albums but not with the same vigour or with the anticipation which filled me before the releases up until that point. I also … Continue reading

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It Had To Be Purchased . . .Again

I happened to be in the West End of the toon yesterday on business and decided to have a wee root through the boxes in Oxfam music on Byres Road and among a few quite decent, cheap twelves which I … Continue reading

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The Merits Of Technology?

I was going to post something nice and mellow today as I intended to be nursing a hangover this morning. I was out with a couple of mates last night and we ended up in the pub where we spent … Continue reading

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