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Gosh, Thanks George!

Well it’s budget day in the UK and if Newsnight is to be believed we should all rejoice, well the 1% of us who earn more than one hundred and fifty grand a year, as we will no longer be … Continue reading

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Football And (or) Music

Unless you are a parochial, small minded bigot from west central Scotland , then this post will probably mean very little. For years I have wondered about the correlation between having a shite taste in music and being a fan … Continue reading

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What A Week.

I am going to make no apologies for boring you with ” a bit of politics” as I think after the week that has just passed it may just be warranted. The week started off pretty intense with the assassination … Continue reading

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About As Much Use As A Fart In A Spacesuit.

Does anybody else have a problem with the concept of the office Secret Santa? No Just me then, as I suspected. If I am going to shell out my hard earned,  even if it is “only up to a tenner” … Continue reading

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Happy Lanimers!

About 100% of you will not know what I’m going on about but today was Lanimer Day in Lanark. Between you and me it’s a big Gala Day, with a twist, it’s held on a Thursday as oppossed to the … Continue reading

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Why Would You Do It?

Last Wednesday I saw SLF for the second time in 3 years, they did not seem quite as tight as they had on the previous occasion, but that may just have been due to my expectations being raised by the … Continue reading

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Not The Subtlest Lyric In The World, You Say

I’ve not been in the best of moods over recent days and was rooting around for something to cheer me up and played today’s track. It is something that I have thought about posting now and then but  decided to … Continue reading

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Vive La France and Fuck Murdoch

I feel a rant or two coming on. Firstly, I was all set to rant about Sleazyjet and how more times than not they are delayed and give some half arsed excuse and that is it. The reason for the … Continue reading

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