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Here Comes The Flood

When I was an angry young teenage rebel (or so I thought) and the chair of the local youth CND, I hung out with a group of faux hippies a few years older than myself. This bunch were into pre … Continue reading

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Mid Life Crisis

I have been thinking a lot recently about scooters and in particular getting my hands on a fully restored Lambretta GP. I realise that the sight of an overweight middle aged man riding one would induce hysterical laughter from most … Continue reading

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Monday, then it’s the Mudd Club

We’re back in student disco land, 22 years ago (christ almighty, is it really that long ago) with this post. As I’ve mentioned before my time of penury and starvation, better known as student life started in Aberdeen in 1987 … Continue reading

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Bank Holidays In Days Of Yore

Way back in the mists of time when I was a teenager,  Bank Holiday weekends meant endurance tests. As part of a scooter club you were expected to go on scooter runs. There were a series of National events organised … Continue reading

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