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I’m sure it will be the same for most of the people who read this blog that certain songs transport you back to another time as soon as you hear them and others remind you of places , your bedroom … Continue reading

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37°2 le Matin

I bet I wasn’t the only person who had this poster on his wall and was ever so slightly obsessed with Beatrice Dalle back in 1986/87. I once made my good friend Trudi sit through Betty Blue, The Unbearable Lightness … Continue reading

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Usually at the moment I am fretting over the menu for tonight’s meal for ten but due to changes in circumstances of a few of our friends it was not really on the cards this year. Instead we will be … Continue reading

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Raiding Your Mate’s Dad’s Cupboard

When I was at school I had a mate who’s dad was a journalist on a national daily newspaper. In his time he had been the music critic for a couple of papers and knew a hell of a lot … Continue reading

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A Strange Town, Indeed

My views on the week long festivities that is Lanimer week are well known to those who need to know and to the rest of the world who don’t know what Lanimers is they don’t matter. It used to be … Continue reading

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When Did That Happen?

A couple of weeks ago while we were driving to Livingston, Max asked me what the Five Sisters were. For those of you who don’t know the Five Sisters (above) are shale bings on the site of The Westwood Oil … Continue reading

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"Find one in every car, you’ll see"

As a teenager there were 3 videos that were watched avidly by myself and a couple of mates, the Blues Brothers which had to be watched at B’s house as his dad had procured a copy and a load of … Continue reading

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When Everything Stopped

In  a previous existence when I was an apprentice joiner after jacking in Uni the majority of my time was spent working on building sites. Building sites in the late 80s were not the nicest places in the world, in … Continue reading

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One Hundred Quid For A Slipmat And A T- Shirt !

I’ve decided that there is some deep psychological flaw that I suffer from, in layman’s terms it is possibly called being a completest sadsack of a man but there will be some technical term for the affliction but I’m not … Continue reading

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Where Do Kids Spend Their Pocket Money These Days?

I was just thinking yesterday, as I walked past the empty and rather dilapidated former Woolies, that I missed my Saturday visit with M and the tantrums that entailed when I refused to buy him the largest toy he could … Continue reading

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