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Got A Fever Inside My Soul

This past week I have mostly been listening to Spiritualized. Last Thursday’s gig at the ABC is possibly the best SPZ concert I have ever seen and an early contender for gig of the year, it will have to be … Continue reading

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Off to see Spiritualized tonight, directly after Max’s Parents Evening. Must admit, that I have been looking forward to this since October when I saw the band preview the new album, nearly in it’s entirety at the Queens Hall. That … Continue reading

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So Long

Davy the Ghost has an interesting wee series on the go over at his,  where he is finding reasons to be cheerful during this quite glum month. Me being the miserable bastard that I am, am not really that enthused … Continue reading

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Do It All Over Again

I’m off to see Spiritualized tonight in the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, not the best venue in the world but still, I’m excited. It’s been a couple of years since the last time I so Pierce and his henchmen. The … Continue reading

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Any Way That You Want Me

My first introduction to this song was probably the same as most people my age, through Spiritualized’s first single. I realised that it was a cover as the writing credits were for a certain Chip Taylor but it was a … Continue reading

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Please Stop!

The kitchen table and every other suface in the room is strewn with empty or half drunk bottles, cans and glasses. A few weeks ago L decreed that we were going to have a small soiree, for no reason that … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

I’ve just been over at Earth Capitol, where Artog has posted a rather lovely version of  Transparent Radiation by Spacemen 3, so to compliment that, I thought that I would post this. Spiritualized – Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies)

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Spacemen 3

Never really took much notice of Spacemen 3 when they were still a band. I think that may have been down to the fact that the first thing that I bought was Recurring an album which was really 2 solo … Continue reading

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Quiet Please!

It’s Sunday and I have a hangover. This used to be a fairly regular occurrence but not recently. I should know better that to drink more than 2 glasses of red wine. I always feel like shit if I drink … Continue reading

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