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It Was Thirty Years Ago Today !

It was thirty years ago today that the general election campaign that ushered in possibly the most devise decade of the 20 century in Britain started in earnest. In just over 3 weeks Margaret Hilda Roberts would walk through the … Continue reading

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Possibly the finest anti-Thatcher song ever.

If there is one thing I hate with all my being it is Margaret Thatcher and I make no apologies for this, the sight of her can induce apoplexy in me and when I here her voice I feel physically … Continue reading

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Soulcialism For The Masses

As another week of meetings, talk of EPS & End of Year results and other such corporate bullshit looms, how about a bit of angry yet soulful mid 80’s idealism to put it all into perspective. Well at least we’re … Continue reading

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Mixing Pop and Politics

The mid to late 80’s were a good time if you were an earnest young man with lofty ideals and a rudimentary knowledge of politics and class struggle. Not so good if you were a miner, shipyard employee, steel worker … Continue reading

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