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OJe Suis Seul

A piss poor amount of the white stuff fell here overnight. Big freeze my arse, although I’m sure down south it may well be a diifferent matter and civilisation will be on the brink. Anyhow, here is a track that … Continue reading

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On the long journey up the road on Friday while making the resolution of never drinking with Davy H on a school night ever again, I was looking for something mellow to play and decided upon the Orb. Recently whenever … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 1

Well here it is, my favourite session track ever from the John Peel show.  Another one of those “what the fuck” moments and not just from me I think,  as it was also the most requested session for repeat. I … Continue reading

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Suburban Smog

Here is a track from the recent album from everybody’s favourite ambient collective. I sort of lost track of The Orb after the Orblivion album, I think that I just got bored of that sort of music at the time … Continue reading

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Half Term

It’s half term or the October Week up here and I will be away up north to the most westerly point on the British mainland, Ardnamurchan for a few days with the family tomorrow. Returning mid week only to go … Continue reading

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Jam On The Mutha

After 19 years I still don’t know whether I like this track or not. I like the idea of it and most of the time will play the instru-mental mix rather than vocal Ibiza 90 mix. I also loved the … Continue reading

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