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Possibly My Favourite Cover Ever

One of my favourite songs covered by one of my favourite voices. A match made in heaven. Lone Justice – Sweet Jane

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Record Store Day pt2

Well, that was quite an enjoyable morning. Max was none to pleased when I got him up at the back of seven this morning for our trip into Glasgow but once he was up he was his usual self, a … Continue reading

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Lisa Says

Here is probably my favourite Velvet Underground track. I’m not sure why, I love the lazy almost plodding tempo of the track it sort of gets under my skin. Lou Reed later re-recorded the track along with a few other … Continue reading

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Without Whom

Here are a couple of tunes from the band without whom, my record collection would be a rather sorry state of affairs. As if they had not existed then at least 80% of my favorite bands would never have been … Continue reading

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