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Too Much Apple Pie?

Well, I hope you have over indulged as much as I have and I’m not the only one feeling like a right fat pig. The turkey turned out perfectly moist, everything worked out well. You can keep your Heston’s, Jamie’s … Continue reading

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I’m From Further North Than You

Lets start the week off with the second single from what is probably my favourite Wedding Present album, it is certainly the one that I play all the way through the most. Mr Gedge is second to none in producing … Continue reading

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The question is what’s going *in* Mr. Peterson. A beer please, Woody

Not so much a what your drinking tonight as to where. I used to love Cheers wouldn’t go out on a Friday night until it was finished. We used to have a local that we all thought was a bit … Continue reading

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Take Me

On Thursday night me and a mate braved the Arctic conditions to venture into Glasgow (the temperature gauge in the car read -13) to see David Gedge’s latest incarnation of The Wedding Present. The performance consisted of the Bizarro lp … Continue reading

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Keeping It Peel, Number 7

Today’s choice in my Peel session is by “the boy Gedge”, another favourite of Peel’s who recorded 22 sessions, combining The Wedding Present and Cinerama appearances. The amount of sessions meant that I was spoilt for choice when it came … Continue reading

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