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Do You Mind

Not really up with my UK Garage but I stumbled upon this track after finding out that one of my favourite xx tracks was actually a cover. I therefore investigated and found out that the original was every bit as … Continue reading

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I Still Love This So Much

Sometimes it takes a little time away from some things for you to really appreciate what it was that loved in them so much. This is just so simply and inexplicably gorgeous. The xx – VCR

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

A few weeks ago for the second time I posted the John Talabot remix of Shelter by The xx and moaned about the fact that it had only been released on a limited pressing of 300 in Japan! Well after … Continue reading

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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

Although all of the decent weather has deserted us up here and left us with the wind and rain, I am trying to keep up the sunny demeanour and remain positive which is quite difficult at the moment what with … Continue reading

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How Feckin’ Much?

Here is some newish music for you from a duo out of New York called Creep. The vocals may seem a little familiar, as they are by Romy xx who shares the same label as the band. I really don’t … Continue reading

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It appears that The xx are not only the band to remix to death but to cover. I have noticed a few covers of their tracks from the ridiculous, OMDs version of VCR, so bland that if it was a … Continue reading

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Just Because

This is absolutely fucking brilliant. Barcelona DJ John Talabot, takes one of my favourite moody tracks from the XX and turn it into a blissed out track to soundtrack the summer. I hope that this will be released on vinyl. … Continue reading

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Do You Mind?

Here is another track I never got round to playing last Saturday night. I really love The XX, the album hasn’t  been off the turntable or ipod much over the past few months, to such an extent that if I … Continue reading

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Jumping On The Night Bus

I was a bit late in getting into The XX. At the tail end of last year you couldn’t pick up a music mag or surf the net without the South West London band being mentioned. I had decided, in … Continue reading

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