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It’s Friday . . Let’s Dance

A few weeks ago I posted something by James Lavelle and UNKLE and the overwhelming view was that the collective were a bit of a disappointment and did not live up to the sum of their parts. Since then I … Continue reading

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A Disappointment? Not To Me

A couple of weeks ago in a piece on the Plaid remixes of the first UNKLE ep, Ctel over at Acid Ted commented that the first UNKLE album, Psyence Fiction was dull and SwissAdam commented that he thought the album … Continue reading

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I have avidly collected the works of Josh Davis since the first time I heard In Flux which was also my introduction to Mo Wax, James Lavelle and the whole headz culture which I eagerly embraced. There is something about … Continue reading

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Dad, Sure Them Cidermen Aren’t Real?

A great day was had by all but alas no Rose Tyler. M was particularly scared of the Daleks but was happy that he got to see his favorites, the Sontaran. I don’t think that it was the full exhibition … Continue reading

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